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Truck Specifications

Single Axle trucks are used when a small amount of material is required on the job.

• Maximum capacity: 8 tons or 6 cubic yards

• Average height: 8' Double sideboard

• Average length: 19' 6"

• Total loaded weight: 32,000 lbs

• Total empty weight: 15,100 lbs


Tandem Axle trucks are smaller than Tri-Axles

• Maximum capacity: 16 ton or 12 cubic yards

• Average height: 9' 4" Double sideboard

• Average length: 22' 8" average width: 8'

• Total loaded weight: 48,000 lbs.

• Total empty weight: 21,700 lbs.


Tri- Ax and Conveyor trucks

Tri-Axles are used for transportation or hauling stone, sand, gravel, dirt, topsoil, concrete, asphalt, demolition debris, hazardous material, and contaminated materials, sludge and high moisture content materials with a special sealed gate.

• Maximum capacity: 22 ton or 15 cubic yards

• Average height: 10' 6" Double sideboard

• Average length: 27' 6"

• Average width: 8'

• Total loaded weight: 68,000 lbs

• Total empty weight: (Steel) 25,380 lbs

• Total empty weight: (Aluminum) 22,600 lbs


Conveyor trucks are equipped with a 20' conveyor, helping the precise placement of material from trained operators while balancing the belt speed and material flow.

• Maximum capacity: 20 tons

• Average height: 12'

• Average length: 48' (including conveyor)

• Average width: 8'

• Total loaded weight: 68,000 lbs.


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