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Top quality aggregates

We understand how troublesome it is when you get the wrong materials for a particular job, and waste your time and money.


That is why we have designed a gallery for you to view our different samples of all the top quality aggregates.

  • Stone

  • Sand

  • Gravel


You can now eliminate all your worries and doubts regarding these products. We can help you get the work done with our products when we arrive at your site.  

Wondering how much material you need? Call us at 317-788-7825 for an estimate.





#2 Stone

#9 Stone

#11 Stone

#8 Gravel


23/24 Sand

24QA Stone Sand

Coarse L/5L Gravel

Brown Fill Sand

Pea Gravel

State 8 Stone

Mason Sand

#8 Stone

Structural Backfill


2 Stone 9 Stone 11 Stone 8 Stone 24QA Stone Sand State 8 Stone Riprap Brown Fill Sand 23/24 Sand Mason Sand Screenings Structural Backfill 8 Gravel Coarse L/5L Gravel Pea Gravel

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#73 Limestone 53 C Stone

#73 Limestone

53 C Stone