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Safety hauling service

A Focus On Safety

Ours is a dangerous environment and Safety is of the utmost importance. “Roll-overs/back-overs” and “Pinned in” are the #1 cause of death and injury in the Construction Industry. These dangers can be avoided nearly 100% of the time with training, back up alarms and a site specific safety plan. A job site safety plan is a great way to look ahead and stop accidents before they happen. Limiting pedestrian traffic through the work site by strategic placement of rest room and break areas has proven vital in an effort to avoid these incidents. Any pedestrian on the site (including drivers) must wear High-Visibility Vest, a hardhat, steel-toe boots and be aware of the heavy equipment on site at all times. Every vehicle in our fleet is equipped with a back-up alarm in good working order, mirrors of course, and state of the art 2 way radio’s so the drivers can help each other to spot and give verbal warning to each other of any unsafe conditions. Each driver carries the proper PPE needed in the event he must leave his vehicle, and each trucks is equipped with a fire extinguisher in the cab. Radios are also used to pass information to dispatch throughout the day. All of our vehicles pass inspection every morning before leaving our site, and are in safe working condition when they hit the road.


Laura Kopetsky Tri-Ax, Inc. is in strict compliance of all Federal, State and Local rules and regulations, and has earned the MICCS Certification as a company. Laura Kopetsky Tri Ax, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. We have a written Employee Handbook, containing our written Safety Program, Disciplinary Program, written Alcohol and Drug Testing Policy, written EEO and Non-Harassment Policy.

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Safety hauling service

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